Born To Explore - For the Free Spirits

Born To Explore - For the Free Spirits

Exploration is not about the destination. It is about the departure into the unknown, the relentless pursuit of your passion, and the spirit of opening new doors and new opportunities. Even when traveling is on hold, the free spirits will never settle.

Driven by the wanderlust of the modern adventurers, the new Maverick & Co. series are designed to make you set off with the greatest ease at any time.

Maverick & Co. Born To Explore

Horizon Everyday Backpack

No matter what kind of journey you are going to start, your Horizon Everyday Backpack is always the best way to hold everything you need on the move.

Simple yet significant, the minimalist backpack comes with a practical volume and water-resistance is the perfect companion for different destinations.


Horizon Voyage Messenger

No one enjoys keeping a heavy burden on the road. For the times that you want to travel with only the essentials, the Horizon Voyage Messenger is bringing a stylish addition to your everyday utilitarian look.


Neo 2-in-1 Sling Bag

Bringing a vibrant and youthful energy to your everyday wardrobe, the Neo 2-in-1 Sling Bag features eye-catching color details that make you look chic without trying.

Lug it on your shoulder or wear it like a belt bag, the versatile appeal is just impossible to resist.


Noah Classic Sling Bag

Be chic, but stay classy. The Noah Classic Sling Bag is more than just a convenient, grab-and-go accessory.

Designed to elevate, whether you plan to pair it with a casual denim or a formal blazer, the dapper sling bag is the best way to make a big impression effortlessly.